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New Kathabar (Product name: Kathabar)

The importance of air conditioning (temperature, humidity, cleanliness, odor, etc.) in the manufacturing processes of various industries and public facilities is growing year after year.

We have contributed to solving air conditioning-related issues by supplying a number of products in various fields, including the food, chemical, iron manufacture, pharmaceutical, hospital, and other industries.

As a manufacturer of humidity-controlling air conditioning systems also capable of creating sterile environments, Kathabar is confident in its ability to satisfy all of its clients’ demands, including recent energy conservation needs.

Target Clients

Ironworks, film manufacturers, sake brewers, soft capsule manufacturers, hospital and nursing homes for the elderly, etc.

*Subsidies accepted


Kathabar’s principles (“Kathabar” is a humidifier that uses a lithium chloride solution as a moisture absorbent)

  • A single machine can handle dehumidification, humidification, sterile filtration, and dust removal. (provides Class 10,000 clean air)
  • It uses a lithium chloride solution to directly obtain the desired temperature and humidity.
  • Oil mist and dust do not degrade performance.