Automotive and industrial machinery plant engineering

T-NET JAPAN Group has been engaged in the automotive and industrial machinery plant engineering inside and outside Japan. 読む Automotive and industrial machinery plant engineering

Factory Automation

To improve production efficiency, we engage in the entire process, from automation to design and on-site start up of "automation with a human touch." 読む Factory Automation

Monodukuri Solutions

We support customer operations in fields vital to the manufacturing process: machinery, electric, and electronics. 読む Monodukuri Solutions

Electromechanical systems outsourcing

We work together with customers on their issues, providing high value-added technology for the manufacturing industry. 読む Electromechanical systems outsourcing

Air Transportation Systems

We work with total engineering of air transportation systems. 読む Air Transportation Systems

Conveyor Transportation Systems

We offer comprehensive systems for each type of handling rooted in our experience as a company and our unique technology. 読む Conveyor Transportation Systems

Nuclear Power-related Peripheral Device

We satisfy strict quality oriented requests with an impressive track record and extensive history of experience. 読む Nuclear Power-related Peripheral Device

Special air conditioning Engineering

T-NET JAPAN Group is supporting food safety and comfortable life by controlling air itself. 読む Special air conditioning Engineering

Support for environmental measures

T-NET JAPAN Group has been engaged in the deodorization system which is generating clean air. 読む Support for environmental measures