T-NET Group has been proactively engaged in CSR activities in order to realize an environmentally harmonious and sustainable society through our business activities.

Recently, we are contributing to the resolution of social environmental issues by providing various environmentally-friendly products.

Factory energy-saving support using LED lighting

Regarding CO2 emission issue that is one of the most critical environmental issues, we are contributing to reduce CO2 emission by suppressing the power consumption through the promotion of LED lighting sales.

Energy-saving effects by LED

lighting sales

When we estimate the energy-saving effects with accumulated LED sales result since the sales has been started


Reduction of 497.5 million kwh is equivalent to helping to reduce 288.1 million kg of CO2!!


*When the LED is on 10 hours a day for 260 days annually:

*Above reduction amount is calculated with the CO2 emission coefficient as 0.579kg-CO2/kwh

Source: Ministry of the Environment ― emission coefficient by electricity user (results in 2014)

When we estimate the energy-saving effects by converting it

to cedar trees・・・


Reduction effect is equivalent to 20.6 million cedar trees.


*Estimated by converting it with the CO2 absorbing amount that is about 14 kg of CO2 per 50‐year‐old cedar tree per year according to The Forestry Agency-The green absorbing sources measures for prevention of global warming (issued in 2002)