T-NET JAPAN’s management philosophy is to “develop an extensive range of technologies on a global scale and contribute to growth of new Japan as a total engineering company.”
As a corporate group pursuing higher added value, T-NET JAPAN integrates and combines technologies in various fields and deploys unique businesses in a wide range, from support services for ordering party to the areas of machinery, electrical equipment, electronic equipment, software, plant engineering, environment and energy.
Overseas, we are leveraging our Group strengths to actively expand our operations in ASEAN, India, China, Europe and elsewhere. In particular, we are creating a global, optimized system for the design, procurement, production and sales of on board vehicle components, OA equipment, and household electrical appliances. Our track record in project management for automobile manufacturing plants is also growing throughout the world, and includes the works in North and South America as well as Asia and Europe.
In today’s modern era of globalization and transparency when corporate activities are closely linked to society, a harmonious relationship with society is essential for corporate growth. The T-NET Group will continue to squarely deal with the many issues that the present-day society faces, including environment, energy, aging and welfare, based on “strength of technology and people”.

Driving the industry as a niche market leader with a sense of speed and a challenging spirit

T-NET JAPAN operates in a diverse range of technological and business fields, and is a market leader in some of these.
For example, T-NET JAPAN has been ranked No. 1 in sales for 17 consecutive years in the “Construction Planning, Construction Equipment, and Cost Estimation” category  for registered construction consultants (according to the “Construction Consultant Performance Rankings 2019” published in the April 22, 2019 edition of Nikkei Construction). Furthermore, the LED lighting equipment that is handled by the Ecosystem Division is regarded as large LED lighting equipment that can replace the mercury lighting used in factories and warehouses, and has gained a large market share.
The Company also has a high market share in the area of specialized air conditioning engineering used to control the ripening and freshness of bananas and other fresh produce, placing the Company at the forefront in this field.

Going forward, T-NET JAPAN will continue to maintain a stable management foundation and achieve sustained growth while constantly developing new technology and taking up the challenge of advancing into new fields based on the Company’s motto of “Think, act and contribute.” that stems from a corporate culture in which we pursue rapid business development and actively set high goals for ourselves.