Growth through an industrialization that actively tackles social issues

In today's world where the concepts of globalization and open markets seem to reign supreme, corporate activity is more closely linked to society and hording company gains is no longer a recipe for success.

Companies must improve their corporate value regarding relations and responsibilities to the environment, people, and society.

Though the world is globalizing and markets are opening, corporate activity remains closed to society. We believe, however, that companies are part of the community, and should serve the environment and society.
T-NET JAPAN's basic philosophy towards CSR is that, "As a Total Engineering Company, we deploy a wide range of technologies globally and contribute to development of a new Japan." Based on this management philosophy, we actively tackle social issues, achieve our objectives, and succeed in spurring growth by commercializing.

T-NET JAPAN's management philosophy blends commercialization with community engagement.
Following standards of conduct according to our compliance manual, we contribute to solving social problems through total engineering business.
In addition, we steadily fulfill our social responsibilities through continuous growth and strive to create the kind of value that our stakeholders demand.

We are highly ethical in our values, and we're committed to solving problems by doing good business.

Propulsion of various CSR activities

T-NET JAPAN carries out wide ranging CSR activities, from social contribution activities tied to local communities to contribution to the global environment through business operations.

CSR activities carried out through business operations require business activities that are in tune with society, with constant attention paid to society as a whole.
For example, in civil engineering service operations in the field of civil engineering and construction management, T-NET JAPAN employees are on-site for the construction of new roads, river improvement work, and other projects that directly affect the daily lives of local residents.

In such situations, it is important that the local residents be informed of the individual projects. However, T-NET JAPAN believes that making the effort to explain and foster understanding of the projects in relation to overall community life also furthers CSR activities through business operations.

As local and social contribution activities, T-NET takes the initiative in environmental beautification activities, such as voluntary cleaning of dams and rivers near its branch offices, as well as national roads near its Head Office and Tokyo Head Office.
In addition, T-NET JAPAN has a special subsidiary, T-NET vigla, which was established for the purpose of promoting the employment of the disabled. The company name expresses the ideal of “active, energetic companions”. To actualize this ideal, T-NET vigla has created a motivating workplace atmosphere with a work-friendly environment and service lineup that allows each employee to work to their full potential.

T-NET vigla also actively carries out CSR activities and contributes to local communities by conducting corporate orientation seminars for people involved with special-needs schools in the Shikoku region and receiving participants of work experience programs upon request from the prefecture.

Cultivating leaders in CSR management

We cultivate highly skilled human resources who can act flexibly in response to changing environments.
New leaders need to thoroughly promote education for management philosophies and actions.


T-NET JAPAN continues innovating new management styles which include CSR viewpoints.