Propulsion of various CSR activities

 Companies must improve their corporate value regarding relations and resoinsibilities to the environment, people, and society.

 Though the world is globalizing and markets are opening, corporate activity remains closed to society. We believe, however, that companies are part of the community, and should serve the environment and society.

 T-NET JAPAN's basic philosophy towards CSR is that, "As a Total Engineering Company, we deploy a wide range of technologies globally and contribute to development of a new Japan." Based on this management philosophy, we activety tackle social issues, achieve our objectives, and succeed in spurring growth by commercializing.

 Recognizing its responsibility as member of society, T-NET pursues an active program of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities while working to increase its corporate value on an ongoing basis in order to help solve social problems, contribute to the development society, and build the sustainable society of tomorrow.

Risk management and compliance

 We believe that stable, sustained corporate management is part of our social responsibility, and we strive to strengthen and establish our risk management and compliance.

  • We strive to implement a thorough compliance program through corporate activities and operations that treat sincerity and trust as shared values.
  • We closely monitor changes in the business environment in which we operate and implement a thorough approach to risk management based on internal control systems.

Community and social service

 We strive to facilitate exchanges and harmony with all stakeholders as we pursue socially and environmentally responsible activities.

  • We especially value relationships of trust with customers, and we are working to create regional and international societies that are rech and satisfying through our businesses.
  • Through special subsidiary T-NET vigla Co., Ltd., we are creating engaging workplaces for individuals with disabilities.
  • We recognize the importance of protecting the environment, and we do our best to develop products and services with a small environmental footprint.