Company Outline

As of October 1 2021

Company name



Yasuki Kimoto

Head Office

930-10 Nariai-cho, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa 761-8081, JAPAN

Tokyo Head Office

Hamamatsucho Building., 1-1-1 Shibaura,
Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0023, JAPAN

Founded April 30, 1976
Capital 263.6 million yen

Sales Results

non-consolidated accounting : 24.8 billion yen
consolidated accounting : 37.4 billion yen
( as of June, 2021 )

Number of Employees *

1,616 (Group Total 2,082)

Business Contents

Civil engineering service operations; computer system development; engineer dispatch services for clients in the machinery, electric, and electronic fields; manufacture and sale of LED lighting, sterilization equipment and humidity regulation equipment; design and manufacture of Bulk Handling Equipment & Systems; design and fabrication of special-purpose air conditioning systems; automobile, industrial machinery and factory automation plant engineering; etc.

Business Registration

Construction Consultants, No.31-4155
Surveying,  No.(9)-11337
Compensation Consultants,  No.27-004855
Construction industry License(Tokyo), No.(Special-25), (han-26), (Special-28) 138560
Construction industry License(Tokyo), 138560
Worker Dispatch Operation, No.37-300054
Fee charging Employment Placement Business Provider 37-Yu-010042
ISO/IEC 27001 JQA-IM1099
Telecommunications Business Notification No. G-02-00493

* Number of full-time employees(As of June 2021)


As of October 1 2021


Yasuki Kimoto


Ryuji Nakao

Senior Managing Director

Makoto Takahashi

Managing Director

Yasuyuki Watanabe


Hisamitsu Takahashi

Director(Audit & Supervisor Board Member)

Hiroaki Yano

Director(Audit & Supervisor Board Member)

Sadao Sagara

Director(Audit & Supervisor Board Member)

Omou Yamazaki

Director(Audit & Supervisor Board Member)

Toru shiraishi