This portable water purification system allows you to create drinkable water from nearby water sources in the event of a disaster. The system was developed based on the concept of high efficiency, low cost, and easiness to use.

Background of Development

In the event of a major earthquake, torrential rains, or other natural disaster, it is anticipated to be in the emergency situation, resulting that public services of lifelines will be disrupted.

If the supply of water, gas, electricity, and other utilities become unavailable, it will be difficult for us to carry on with our daily lives.

If drinking water also becomes unavailable, this could have serious impact for our life-sustaining.

Assuming the emergency situation in which bottles of water reserved in preparation for a disaster run out and delivery of water by trucks might be delayed, we developed a system that would allow people to easily create drinking water from water sources such as pools, water tanks, reservoirs, wells, rivers, and ponds.

Desirable Facilities

• Schools designated as evacuation sites
• Hospitals
• Facilities for elderly people
• Apartment houses
• Neighborhood emergency supplies storehouses


Max. producible capacity 2,800ℓ per day

Can produce enough drinking water for about 900 people.
*A single person needs 3 liters of water a day.

Easy to use

Works with three–step operation.

Easy maintenance

The reverse osmosis membrane module can be easily replaced.

Built-in intake pump

Contains a built-in intake pump that works in tandem with an electric motor. No maintenance required.

Easy to carry

Compact, lightweight, and with built-in casters. Can easily be carried by two adults.

Durable and lightweight

Durable 3 mm-thick aluminum alloy housing.


Model AQ-120RMT
Applicable Water Sources Fresh water only (not salt water)
Amount Produced Up to 2 liters a minute (up to 2,800 liters a day)
Processing Methods 1st Step Bobbin-type filter
2nd Step Activated charcoal filter
3rd Step Reverse osmosis membrane element
Sterilization None
Motor Electric moter
Power: Single-phase AC 100V
Power consumption: 900W
Water Intake Capacity Max lifting height: 6 m
Dimensions Width: 600 mm x Depth: 330 mm x Height: 770 mm
Weight (when dry) 56kg

Standard Accessories

・Intake hose (6 m) x1 ・Drain hose (5 m) x2
・Bobbin-type filter x3 ・Activated carbon filter x3
・Reverse osmosis membrane element x1 ・TDS meter x1
・Roll of pH indicator papers x1 ・Extension cord (10 m) x1
・User manual x1


• For safety reasons, please read the User Manual carefully and be sure to use the product as instructed.

• This equipment is designed to be used in an emergency to create drinkable water from pools, water tanks, reservoirs, wells, rivers, ponds, and other water sources.

• We recommend that you test the safety of water created from sources you are likely to use in the event of an emergency in advance.

• This product can eliminate approximately 100% of cyanobacteria, parasites, protozoa, general bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals; 90-98% of pesticides, organic matter, and ionic compounds; and 50-90% of volatile organic substances.