Dry type dehumidifier DRY-CEL from a pioneer of dehumidification technology, Kathabar.

1. Low-speed rotation (8 to 30 rotations per hour) of the dehumidification rotor (silica rotor) in the chamber separated into dehumidification zone and regenerate zone, can absorb the moisture in the high humid air passing through the rotor in the dehumidification zone.

2. The rotor that absorbed the moisture goes to reproduce zone, and the moisture will be discharged into atmosphere by the regenerated heated air.

3. The dehumidification rotor becomes dried condition and will start absorb the moisture again in the dehumidification zone. By this consecutive cycle of the rotor  rotation, continuous dehumidification can be carried out.


DRY-CEL's principle : DRY-CEL is the dehumidifier of which moisture absorbent is silica gel.  

  • Dehumidify the moisture with the dehumidification rotor.
  • Dehumidification under the ultra low dew point temperature can be carried out.