We provide total support in the fields of machinery, electricity and electronics, and microcomputers, which are the backbone of manufacturing.


From conceptual design to production of various devices, industrial machinery, and components, generation of various types of data including traces, and sample production from generated data, T-NET Japan provides total support for all stages of “Monozukuri (production of goods)” from plans and concepts to samples and production. In addition, T-NET JAPAN also provides trial molding services using 3D printers.
T-NET JAPAN is fully equipped with tools including 3D-CAD systems, such as CATIA V5, NX, and SOLIDWORKS, and 2D-CAD systems, such as AutoCAD and MICRO CADAM Helix, enabling data to be output based on customer requirements. T-NET JAPAN also provides training in the effective use of CAD for design, from the perspective of the designer.

Our specialties


Review of concepts and designs, planning and proposals based on conditions, and consultations


Design using CAD for machines, circuit design and substrate design, CAD customization, and various analyses

[Trial production]

Photo fabrication, FDM, cutting work on various materials, and microcomputer devices

[Mass production]

Proposals for improvements in product manufacturing, mass-produced products and low-volume production products, various evaluation tests, existing products.

Support and Systems

[Support phase]

For the works to the equipment in customers' facility or works with confidentiality, we dispatch our engineers or provide in-house outsourcing.

For contract operations, planning and development (machinery, electricity, electronics, and systems) are carried out at our in-house facilities.

Manufacturing of prototype and finished goods is undertaken by our subcontract factories but we take full responsibility for the QCD (Quality, Cost and Delivery) until it is delivered to the customers site.

[Planning Structure]

We provide total support in all aspects of manufacturing, from planning and design to testing and production, such as testing devices, industrial machinery, casing design, etc. requested by various manufacturing industries.

We also flexibly handle spot requests, such as just planning and design, or 3D modeling from 2D drawings.

We also handle team dispatch and general contracts customized to the customer’s design project.

Implemented Equipment

[Mechanical Design and Development]


[Electrical, Electronic, and Software Design and Development]

Circuit diagram CAD (Protel), microcomputer development environment (H8),

measurement instruments/equipment (digital oscilloscopes, digital multi-meters,

signal generators, power supplies)


3D Printer

Major past performances

Examples Details
Design and development of aquatic organism breeding equipment We have been engaged in design to manufacturing of ground training facility that is equivalent to the aquatic organism breeding equipment loaded on the Japanese experiment module "Kibo" on the International Space Station (ISS).
Resin products design Design of cover composed of resin, based on design data and drawings of peripheral devices.
We support planning and plan modifications at each phase of primary trial, secondary trial, and mass-production.
Design of various automated machines Development, manufacturing and installation of a diverse range of automated machines, such as semiconductor cleaning devices, semiconductor manufacturing devices, liquid crystal display glass inspection devices, engine part carburizing devices, etc.
In-plant development of built-in system We are working with customers as a team in their plant to develop built-in systems related to automotive brake control and automated machines , etc.
Design and development of special cart We have been engaged in design to manufacturing of diesel engine cart that is driving in the large-bored steel pipes (more than 1,000M long) in the petrochemical plant and also electric cart and cargo carrying cart.