To improve customer operations and provide streamlining solutions, we offer an array of package software and template systems designed to answer diverse needs of the design process and manufacturing plants.


The 15th Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo Website :


【 Date 】 

   Oct. 3 [Wed] - 5 [Fri], 2012


【 Location 】 

   Intex Osaka


【 Exhibition products 】 

   1.GISPACE: GIS powered management software for medical visit services
   2.WebC-Sys: Ordering system that enables online product customizing
   3.Macacel: Task streamlining system that enables automatic drawing preparation through input in Excel


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【 Inquiries 】 

Atsushi Takahashi,
Systems & Service Department, SS Division
TEL: +81-6-6228-7001


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