[GISPACE]GISPACE provides a comprehensive package of solutions that enables services specialized for home medical visits, from map-based support for medical staff visits to at-home patients, schedule management, and real time information sharing among staff members all the way up to preparation and management of report documents.

[AQUACE]AQUACE is a device that generates drinkable water easily and on-the-spot from water from sources like pools, water receiving tanks, water storage tanks, wells, rivers, and lakes when a disaster such as a large scale earthquake or rain storm cuts off water supply, severing one of the lifelines to disaster victims.
We offer this product as a way to secure a stable supply of drinkable water by installing it permanently in places like hospitals and elderly homes.

HOSPEX Japan 2012 Homepage:http://www.jma.or.jp/hospex/ja/top/iryou.html


【 Date 】 

Nov. 14 [Wed] - 16 [Fri], 2012


【 Location 】 

Tokyo Big Sight East Hall


【 Exhibition products 】 

1. Remote Medical Management System GISPACE (GIS powered remote medical management package software)
2. Compact water processor for disasters AQUACE


【 Inquiries 】 

Atsushi Takahashi
Systems & Service Department, SS Division
TEL: +81-6-6228-7001


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