The Neo Venus series, a product line that has kept a strict tradition of high quality and responsiveness to customer feedback. This series combines reliable Japanese manufacturing with a price range that pays for itself within three years. It actualizes low costs. These lights are being employed in a diverse array of areas including factories, warehouses, sports facilities, and parking lots. We have installed over 15,000 units to date. At the 4th LED Next Stage 2012, we exhibited the Neo Venus 250, 400, 700, and 400S (energy conserving model) as well as a sample of our upcoming new product, a large scale street light LED lighting equivalent to a 1 kw mercury lamp.
A total of some 1,400 visitors came to our booth during the four day expo. It was a successful experience.


【 Exhibition products 】 

The New Venus Series was a 2011 Good Design Award winner.


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