T-NET JAPAN handles the personal information of its employees and the like as follows.

1. Purpose of use

T-NET JAPAN uses the personal information of employees and the like for the following purposes. Note that every time we use the information for purposes other than the following, we reveal the purpose and receive permission from the people in question in advance.


Purpose of use

Officers, employees, temporary employees and other people engaged in T-NET JAPAN's work

Personnel and labor; calculating, deciding and paying compensation; education and training; dismissal and retirement; social insurance, taxes and other legal procedures; employee welfare; and other employment management, performance management, and business communications and the like

Employment applicants

Considering and determining whether to hire an applicant and conditions of employment, as well as inquiry response, communication and the like

Former employees

Various human resources database generation, communications after employees leave their jobs, and the like

2. Joint use

T-NET JAPAN shares the personal information of employees, etc. as described below.

Shared items

Items required to attain the objectives of using the personal information of employees, etc. listed below

Scope of joint users

Affiliated companies (listed on our website), companies we have entered into employee loaning contracts with, companies we have entered into work contracts or worker dispatching contracts with, employee shareholding associations and companies handing employee welfare

Purposes of joint use

Business support and communications necessary for doing business, employment management, and employee welfare

Person responsible for managing personal information when it is jointly used

HR manager

3. Disclosure of information

 Regarding the personal information of employees, etc., we will handle as follows requests and complaints  relating to "notification of usage purposes," "disclosure," "correction, addition or deletion" (hereafter "correction, etc.") and "ceasing to use, deletion or ceasing to provide to third parties" (hereafter"ceasing to use, etc.").

(1) Procedures for activities including disclosure of,correction of and ceasing to use the personal information of employees, etc.
     Fill out the required items on T-NET Japan's request form, place it in an envelope along with return postage,
     and then mail them to the following contact point.

(2) Contact point
     Personnel Section T-NET JAPAN Co., Ltd.
     930-10 Nariai-cho, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa 761-8081, JAPAN
     Tel:+81-87-886-8868(Open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., except for weekends, holidays and the New Year's season.)