As societal needs transition from "ownership" to "usage", we provide high added-value services through information technology.

As the environment surrounding information and communication technology rapidly changes, the construction of information systems accommodating business activities and operation expansion is required for the growth of business in response to increasingly diverse customer needs.


T-NET JAPAN constructs systems that actualize customer requirements at a high level by fusing ICT with technology in diverse areas from civil engineering work, which the T-NET has been involved in since its establishment, to machinery, electricity and electronics, software, plant engineering, etc, and unique, specialized technology fostered by affiliated companies.
From the selection of parts and machines to software development and combining original technological systems and developed products through technological cooperation, we provide solutions with high added value and originality for improvements, increased efficiency, and development of new operations in customer businesses.
From consultations regarding information systems to planning and proposals regarding system configuration, definition of requirements and development, we offer testing, operation, and support related to system operations. We offer original package products as well as products by other companies. By offering these products and services in an integrated manner, we are capable of responding to any issues and needs.