We use our development and procurement capabilities to meet customer needs, from customized software development to management.


In various industries such as finance, manufacturing, and distribution, we use our abundant human resources to offer system development, from system proposals and requirement analysis, to planning and production, testing, operation, and maintenance, as a strong technical partner for clients.
In particular, we specialize in development of operation applications and system enhancements. In view of consigned software development, we are deeply involved from the planning and proposal stage, as well as steps such as definition of requirements and planning, production and testing, operation and maintenance, with the aim of becoming a technical partner that fully contributes to customer satisfaction.


[Flexible response]

Flexible response, including re-consignment of consigned software development

[Prompt response]

Speedy problem solving achieved through procurement power (employment and training power and partner management power), which also enables prompt structure proposals

[Preventive response]

Risk management for preventing problems through problem solving skills in the event of problems

Target clients

Major manufacturers, major and mid-sized system integrators.

Representative implementation example

·Modification of internet banking systems for various city banks and regional banks.

·Construction of cloud systems for automobile manufacturers.

·Base reconstruction and operation for major distribution companies.