We are a group of highly trained engineers who propose and supply a wide range of materials to clients both domestically and internationally.

Product Details

Silicone materials

We harness our years of detailed know-how to provide personalized technical support to our clients. We contribute to our clients’ development by proposing the materials best suited to their needs and providing development support and after-production services. We provide flexible proposals and procurement plans for both domestic products and overseas materials, handling the entire process from plan proposal to after-service in order to help address our clients’ issues.

Target Clients

Silicone rubber processing manufacturers

Main Usage Examples

●Silicone materials for liquid injection molding

   Medical devices (ophthalmology, surgery, etc.)

   Automotive connectors

   Contact switches (in-vehicle AV equipment, mobile phones, smartphones, etc.)

   Water-proof packing (smartphones, cameras, etc.)

   QA rollers (copying machines, etc.)

●Silicone materials for extrusion molding

   Heat-resistant tubes for plants

   Heat-resistant, high-durability tubes for automobiles

●Silicone materials for press molding

   Contact switches

   Intercooler hoses

   Paper feeding/delivery rollers

   Plug boots

   Gaskets and O-rings

   Food containers